Does It Affect Your Credit Rating to Open a Lawsuit To The Bank?

Banks receive high fees and commissions from customers in order to increase their profit rates from year to year. The banks, which previously gained large numbers with high interest rates, started to earn money from commissions and expenses. At the beginning of these expenses and commission items, credit card dues, individual credit file costs, insurance costs, mortgage costs, etc. It comes.

Some bank customers are suing banks to eliminate their grievances and obtain various rights. The most important of these grievances is the demand for reimbursement of file costs. File expenses are related to loans extended to banks. Suing the bank for any reason does not affect the credit rating.

Your credit rating is not affected by your lawsuit. However, the bank is causing problems with the payment of your loans or your delayed payments related to your credit cards. The bank sends a warning even after 1 day delays via text message, e-mail or telephone. In addition, when you apply for a new loan or credit card for suing the bank, good faith presumption, such as a low interest rate credit facility, does not apply. Customers who have filed a lawsuit with the bank to reclaim file expenses from the bank exercise their legal rights, but this is due to signed files, which inevitably leads to problems in future banking transactions.

Bank credit rating is not a special method of account calculated by the bank. Bank score is calculated with a system that is scored by the Central Bank. The Bank does not have an audit mechanism such as decreasing or increasing its credit rating. Increasing your credit rating is all about your banking transactions performance. A regular debt payment system will give you a credit rating. Irregular payments will also lower your credit rating.

How to sue the Bank with the Consumer Arbitration Committee?

The customers of the Bank have the right to reimburse the file expenses of the Bank as a result of the applications made to the Consumer Arbitration Committees. The Bank may be sued through Consumer Arbitration Committees. When the result of the lawsuit is concluded in your favor, the decision goes to the General Directorate of the relevant bank, and as a result, your money is refunded.

The Bank may be entitled to file a counterclaim and refund the amount paid by you after making the payment you object to. Your credit rating is out of this process, so your credit rating will not be affected positively or negatively. It is also known that some bank branches do not charge any further commission for these and similar transactions by placing a label on the customer number after making these refunds.

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