How to clean the bit? Ways to get rid of the bit …

Due to social and economic conditions, lice appearing in hair is quite common. question. You can find the easiest bit cleaning cure in our content in response to the question of how to clean the lice.

How to clean the bit? Ways to get rid of the bit …

The way to get rid of lice that is more common in children is quite simple. The apple cider vinegar, which is a panacea, also appeared here. Professor Dr. The cure of getting rid of lice is as follows;


First the hair should be wetted and then the hair should be washed with natural apple cider vinegar. Curing against lice in the hair Once a week, natural apple cider vinegar is applied to the ends of the hair by massaging the hair ends and is expected to effect for half an hour.

The hair is washed with natural soap and purified from vinegar. The cure is wetted with hair; small pressures to the scalp can also be made. This curing disinfects the microbes in the hair bottoms. Add one tablespoon of nettle to 500 ml of boiling water.

Boil and drain for about 5 minutes, wash your scalp with the water of the brewed plant and wait for half an hour. After half an hour, rinse your hair with water.

Necessary to be done to protect the ICT outbreak

A) You should not use the belongings of the person you know are lice.

B) If there are serious findings about lice in the house you live in, that house should be disinfected.

C) In general, lice are present in children, so children should be washed regularly.

D) If a child appears to be infected by lice in the classroom, teachers should be informed about the family and physician support should be obtained.

E) Until the lice treatment is completed, disinfection and health care should be exercised.

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