Natural makeup, which you can use comfortably all day long, gives a görüntü no make-up ”appearance and creates healthy and radiant skin. We have examined this makeup style which is very popular in recent years as ‘High Heels’ team and we tell you how to make natural makeup.

Moisten for a smooth complexion!

The most important point when making natural makeup is to create a smooth complexion. For this, you need to give great importance to skin cleansing. Clean your skin and don’t inspire moisturizing before you make up. Moisturizers protect your skin’s moisture balance, preventing dryness and irritation. It also ensures a perfect foundation.

Do not forget to wear sunscreen!

Use sunscreen cream on top of the moisturizer to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Regardless of the season, sun rays cause your skin to wrinkle and stain quickly. After moisturizing your skin, remember to use sunscreen even if the season is winter. The harmful effects of the sun can cause skin spots and wrinkles. Therefore, always apply a sunscreen after the humidifier.

Brighten your eyes!

Always apply cream to your eye area after moisturizer to cover under-eye bruises and puffiness. This will also make the concealer more stable and prevent damage to your eyes. Under-eye bruises and puffiness cast a shadow on natural make-up. Therefore, always use concealer. Light concealers do not obscure the tired look of your eyes because they are more visible in purple. Choose a concealer with the same tone as your skin. Use a concealer that is the same as your skin color under your eyes before moving on to your foundation. To close the bruises, make small touches all around your eyes with your fingertips. Pressing the concealer and damaging the under-eye causes wrinkle formation. Therefore, you must be very sensitive. The fact that your under-eye concealer is lighter than your skin color makes the purple areas more noticeable and makes your face look tired. Therefore, never try a light colored concealer.

BB or CC cream for natural makeup

If you are using a liquid foundation, first start from areas with color unevenness. Close these color differences by bumper strokes with small touches. Then fix the foundation with the powder. A wide powder brush allows you to apply without residue on your face and neck. If your skin doesn’t have too much stain and color unevenness, you can benefit from BB or CC creams. These creams, which eliminate color unevenness, prevent wrinkles and protect from the sun, also provide long-lasting durability. If you want to keep your skin smooth all day long, you can definitely try BB or CC creams.

Use some of your makeup for skin imperfections!

If you think that the only remedy to cover imperfections and blemishes on your skin is foundation, be sure to use some makeup before applying. This prevents the foundation from closing your skin and clogging the pores.

Natural Eye Makeup

When using natural make-up, make sure that all the materials you use are suitable for your skin tone. You can try a few shades of light or dark headlights from the skin tone to make very light shadows. The choice of mascara is very important in making natural makeup. To draw attention directly to your eyes, first use an eyelash curler, then apply a mascara to volume your eyelashes. Your single coat application gives you a more natural result.

Let your choice of blush be natural!

When making your blush selection, make sure there is little glow in it. This will add a light color to your skin as well as health will shine. You can try powder pink and light peach in tons. Get help from a large brush when applying.

Take care of your eyebrows for natural makeup!

Eyebrows are also an issue to be considered in natural makeup. Smooth and clear eyebrows affect your gaze and change your expression. So fill the gaps between your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil and then gently comb. For this, you can try a shadow that is the same color as your eyebrows. But after applying, you should brush your eyebrows for a more natural look.

Last step: Natural and vibrant lips

You can use the shades of peach and pink on your lips. Make sure your lipstick is not silvery or glossy. You can try stick lipsticks that give it a more natural look.

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