Every woman does makeup to look better. However, some simple makeup errors prevent this. It may even make you look older than you are. As High Heels team we have compiled makeup errors that show the elderly for you. Start reading our special news today and learn the makeup mistakes you should avoid for a young and healthy look.

Intensive foundation selection

Products covering the face with a thick layer are now history. Now, as much liquid and as little as possible, products that cover the lines are preferred because those thick layers that flicker between the lines make people look older.

Selection of concealer tone

A concealer that covers blemishes and unwanted areas on your face can be your best friend. You can use the concealers that cover the dark detention rings as lifeguards. However, like the style of B├╝lent Ersoy, under the eye to pass the white headlight, you’re older shows. Do not exaggerate when using illuminator!

Prefer waterproof mascara!

Although water-resistant mascara works very successfully, it dries your eyelashes in daily use and if it is not applied correctly because it has a thick structure, it causes clumping of eyelashes. If you do not have a good make-up technique and do not intend to enter the pool with make-up, do not use water-resistant mascara for daily make-up.

Glittering shadows

Glittering make-up on the eyelids is of course very convenient, but shading is not glittering, but with matte shades will give much more successful results. Lavender, soft peach and brown tones, but prefer matte headlights.

Vampire Red

To put on a dark blood-red lipstick, you’ll need to adjust the other shades of your face very well. For centuries, red lipstick has been a symbol of femininity, but really think about whether you have the lip structure and skin color that can carry it. Coral, peach and the darkness of skin tone can also look extremely sexy.

Blush application

You can only make a bad makeup by putting red on both sides of your cheek like Heidi while you are wearing blush. Blush should be compatible with your skin and should not be collected at a point on your cheek, should be scattered. It should be used like a shadow. Dusty browns, rose shades are successful choices.

Eyebrow Shape

How you get the eyebrows is very important because the look, the meaning of your face gives eyebrows. Very thinly taken eyebrows, especially if the wrong eyebrows cough in the middle may no longer exit. They can make your face look old or sad, pessimistic, unhappy.

Walk around with glowing skin!

Don’t go around with a shining face after you make up your makeup. The right make-up is the make-up that stands closest to nature. Colorless powders stabilize your make-up and prevent shine of oily or improperly applied areas on your face. Use powder!

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