What Should I Do With My Wife Aram Bozuk?

Marriage is not always made by making the right decisions, many marriages walk in discord and discussion. This compelling process requires patience and calm. What should I do with my wife? If you say this article is for you!

You love your wife, but you can’t ignore your incompatibility, what should you do? At first, it is necessary to determine which attitude or situations his wife is angry with. Usually in these situations it is difficult to notice them with stress and sadness, and you only endeavor to express the situations to which you are right, but to the extent that your wife is blind, it is obvious that she does not see them.

In the main small discussions, it is necessary to determine why her husband is nervous at that moment and to think about the situation outside the home life, which is of course not to be moved to the home environment. But some people cannot relieve this stress from their personality structure and can continue when they come home.

Observe your partner, see what he or she is mad at, for example: If he gets angry at high tone, create a lowering of his voice over time. If you get nervous about the clutter of things, enter the stage of correcting them over time, and there are many different reasons for discussion. Of course, it is difficult to change suddenly, but if you are sharing the same life, you have to make sacrifices.

What Should I Do With My Wife is Corrupt?

Now you’ve done your best, your wife will notice that you change and behave positively, negative attitudes will be replaced by soft attitudes. If there is a movement that you do not like in him, as a result of this sacrifice to his wife does not like these movements in a suitable language tell the spouse will change in time. In this way, the ice mountains between you will melt slowly and to create a calm happy home environment, we should leave these stages to the hands of time, which is our only refuge.

When you see that the tension between you is reduced a little, you can make him a dessert he loves and a meal he loves. Spend time together in the evening, just create time for each other, choose a common movie to watch together and watch. “Let’s go out tonight, akşam he says, dinle listen to every word he says and make good feelings. O

On the other evening, it is known that evening emotions are usually higher, and you may not have time to listen to each other more than the intensity of the business marathon in the morning. At that moment, the result will be a slight smile on his face, and he will talk about them because he will want to talk to you about them and then the problem will arise, then you, “I noticed something and I tried to correct you to be in a happy marriage environment,” you can say. and then add that marriage requires sacrifice, let us not ask any unnecessary things, and not harm our marriage. You will realize that this conversation is good for both of you and will begin to change its own negative aspects.

If everything went well as a result of this change, you should stand behind all of this and apply everything in order to prevent it from becoming old again. Everything you have in your hands is not negativity that love, respect and smiling face cannot solve.

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